Here is a collection of links to equipment and suppliers for training.  Feel free to ask any instructor questions before purchasing.
A good basic fencing mask, perfect for beginners
Absolute Force HEMA Mask
Another mask option with a removable liner
Red Dragon HEMA Mask
"Back of the Head" Protector, to keep your noggin safe
SPES Back of the Head Protector
 A Higher End Mask with built in back of the head protection adn additional protection for the sides
AF Deluxe HEMA Mask

Hand and Arm Protection:
Good light gloves for class/practice
Padded Leather Gloves
Decent Priced Steel Gauntlets
Hourglass Gauntlets
Heavily Padded Leather Gloves for Sparring (Training and Pro Options)
Thokk Weaponmaster Gauntlets

Popular HEMA Sparring Gloves
St Mark Koning Gloves
Recommended for synthetic/nylon sword training
Red Dragon Sparring Gloves

Forearm and Elbow Protection
Lynx Forearms

Gorget (Throat Protection):
A very basic minimal gorget by Red Dragon
Red Dragon Gorget

Stainless Steel Gorget by armorsmith Erik Schmitt
Wintertree Craft Gorget

A Brigandine style gorget (leather with overlapping metal plates)
Tindill Gorget

Gambeson/Fencing Jackets:
Either the cotton or linen gambesons from Revival Clothing will work well
RC Cotton Gambeson
RC Linen Gambeson
The "Lynx" Sparring Jacket, a more modern aesthetic
Lynx Jacket

A selection of padded fencing jackets by SPES

The "JessFinley" Wrestling Jacket (speak with us before ordering)
A good synthetic longsword, good for both solo and partnered drills
Another good synthetic option
Wooden Wasters
Steel "Federschwert" by Regenyei can be ordered here

Arms and Armor make excellent steel training swords

Castille Armory's training swords are inexpensive and reliable
Miscellaneous Training Weapons:
Cold Steel Rubber Rondel Training Daggers
Wooden Training Daggers

Poleaxe Rubber Trainers
A Simple Buckler

A synthetic training Messer

These are the comfortable kungfu shoes some of us wear in class, work well on linoleum floors.

Books and Videos:
"Fighting with the German Longsword" by Christian Henry Tobler.  This is a written out version of our longsword curriculum.
A selection of videos directed by instructor Christopher Valli
 To purchase stickers with the school logo or other designs, check out our store on Stickermule