Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in class?
The standard class starts off with some rounds of SART (Situational Awareness and Response Training), also known as dodgeball!  This is followed by a series of warmup exercises and a series of solo drills using the longsword.  Videos of some of these drills can be found on our youtube channel .

After warmups and solo drills are done, we spend the second half of class on partnered exercises from our curriculum, usually with each month focusing on a specific principle of fighting.

What do I need for my first class?
Just wear some comfortable athletic clothing (sweatpants/shorts/tshirts/sneakers/etc) and bring along a bottle of water.  We have everything else you will need including training weapons, masks, gloves, or any other items for class.

What if I would like to purchase my own equipment?
Feel free to speak with any instructor or senior student about what gear to purchase.  Most students are also willing to let a new student try out a mask, jacket, glove, or weapon before or after class so you can get a feel for the right sizing.  We also have a EQUIPMENT page on our website.

I have gear I found on eBay for cheap, can I use that in class?
Short answer is simply No.  Many of the cheaper pieces of protective gear or training weapons can be dangerous.  If you have any questions about a specific item, please feel free to reach out to the instructors particularly before purchasing anything.

When are classes offered?
Due to scheduling with the town building we use, unfortunately we are limited to only Friday nights for the time being.

Do I need to have martial arts experience before I come learn to sword fight?
Previous experience can help, but our curriculum doesn't require any previous knowledge; we'll teach you everything you need to know!

I have a child interested in learning historical fencing.  How old do they need to be to start training?
We have no exact age, but suggest a minimum of around 14-16 years old.  Ask yourself, "would I trust my child if I handed them a 4 foot steel bar?"

Do you have children's classes?
Not currently, but we plan to in the future.

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes!  E-mail or call us to schedule privates.

What is FIGHT NIGHT and can I join in?
FIGHT NIGHT is the last Friday of each month.  Class that evening will be devoted to 'free play' or sparring.  We may also play some sparring games, different scenarios, etc.  Its a night to try out all the techniques we drill on other students in a fun supportive environment.  Traditionally, we also will head out for dinner and drinks afterwards.

To join in on FIGHT NIGHT, a student must attend class regularly and have completed the beginner curriculum.  If you have any questions about whether or not you are ready for free play, please feel free to speak with an instructor.